CUT non-gender limited hairwork allows you to book and pay for its services.
 Youcan order your CUT in the following way
  1. WooCommerce pages will guide you through the steps needed to take to place your service order.
  2. WP forms
  3. Via email
After placing your order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order. However, this does not mean that your order has been accepted. This email will include a link where can book your appointment for your chosen service.
At the time of booking your appointment, you will be required to provide an email address and mobile number. This is elementary for CUT to be able to send you a reminder and proceed with your booking and home service.
CUT is a business that only has a limited number of appointments available.
In case of cancellation or late notice rescheduling, a late notice/cancellation fee of 30% of the price of your CUT will be charged.
This also applies to drastic changes to your appointment. For example, if you’re booked in to get a Unique CUT service and change your mind to get just a Basic CUT then that will be treated as a cancellation and the 30% fee will be applied for the changed/cancelled part of your appointment even if the service was not required. This is done as a courtesy to all clients who may have been turned away because we reserved the time slot for your specific service.
Same fees apply as deposit for major services booked last minute or for Saturday appointments.
The deposit may be paid by credit/debit card on the website and is held against your booking as a credit towards that appointment.


Confirming appointments, cancelling or rescheduling


Your appointments are reserved especially for you, so please give CUT at least 48 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling an appointment so that your spot can be filled. Please be courteous and respectful and call promptly if you are unable to attend an appointment.
As a courtesy, the CUT booking system will e-mail and text you 3 days prior to your appointment to confirm and remind you of the date and time. We ask that you respond Yes or No to these reminders to automatically confirm or cancel your appointment.
If the appointment doesn’t get confirmed CUT will send a courtesy reminder in a text, or alternatively give you a call. In case you cannot be reached in any way, CUT reserves the right to cancel your appointment and/or book another client instead.
CUT understands that life happens and there might be things that come up, so in case you need to move or change your booking, you can do this 48h prior to your appointment. To do so, you can drop us an email, or call and let CUT know about your query.