CUT non-gender limited hairwork provides a Certificate of Authenticity & Property to the buyer, accompanied by the sales invoice of the Limited Hairwork.
The Certificate of Authenticity at the time of purchase of a Limited Hairwork guarantees
  1. CUT non-gender limited hairwork director is a qualified professional in the field of Art.
  1. Our Certificate of Authenticity & Property is Unique and un-falsifiable. This document is un-photocopiable and secured by a CUT non-gender limited hairwork pattern and by the presence of a security hologram. We guarantee that no duplicates can be issued. In case of loss by the purchaser, the CUT director may provide an additional certificate, specifying who was the initial purchaser of the Hairwork and that no other certificate exists with the same reference number.
  1. Must ensure the authentication of the work. must include a clear identification of the author of the Certificate of Authenticity, the date of issue, a description of the Limited Hairwork, a unique identification number, a serial number, and a photo of the hairwork.
  1. The  Certificate of Authenticity & Property must be signed by hand.